“Courteous, caring staff. Extremely fast service to have our dog neutered. Very informative.”

-Chrysten G, 8/22/19

“Customer Service and they seem to really like my dog.”

-Arthur H., 8/22/19

“Definitely would recommend. I felt like they understood my concerns and acted like family in taking care of my cat.”

-David G., 7/29/19

“They were very understanding didn’t feel pressured my cat loved them took the time making sure all questions were answered”

-Deb G., 7/27/19

“Extremely friendly staff. Very informative without any judgement.”

-Anonymous, 7/27/19

“Everyone is so nice and great with all of our dogs. We appreciate the gentle kind care they receive here. We never feel like we are just another client. They take time and get to know our dogs and engage in conversation. It is a very pleasant experience. Thank you so much for all you do.”

-Anonymous, 5/29/2019

“Saw us immediately. Awesome staff even with a difficult patient (typical shih-tzu). Very compassionate and through.”

-Anonymous, 5/24/2019

“Thanks for always being here for us!”

-Heidi, 5/23/2019

“Love you guys.”

-Sara Jones, 5/23/2019

“Great job! I’ve always appreciate the kind care here, since I had to put my first baby to sleep in 2011. Thanks so much!”

-Anonymous, 5/21/2019

“Scheduling appointment was fast and easy. Wait time was minimal. Appointment with Dr. Paxton was efficient and Buddy is now on his way to a pain free recovery.”

-Anonymous, 5/21/2019

“The entire staff is so kind professional and knowledgeable.”

-K. Burkett, 4/18/2019

“Very nice staff, fully informed me of Michigan living for my dog. Very helpful with vaccines and information on flea/tick treatments.”

-Anonymous, 4/18/2019

“Everything was perfect thank you!”

-Anonymous, 4/11/2019

“Excellent care-staff is always welcoming, knowledgeable and caring!”

-Anonymous, 4/9/2019

“We appreciate Dr. Steve Paxton and Dr. Leslie Deines and the entire staff at the Animal Hospital. Thank you for being patient with our rambunctious one and a half year old lab Cooper. We appreciate you fitting him in to be neutered when we decided to have that done sooner than this summer. Thank you for listening to us with his “issues”. He is doing fine now and we appreciate ALL of you! “

-Cindy and Mike Hill, 3/29/2019

“Great experience, problem found, assistant and receptionist very comforting and proficient.”

-Anonymous, 3/19/2019

“Excellent care! Thank you!”

-Anonymous, 3/12/2019

“Missy has been given great care throughout her life. We appreciate the advice now that she is in her senior years. Thank you. “

-Anonymous, 3/11/2019

“Very informative and pleasant. The doctor explained things well!”

-Anonymous, 3/9/2019

“Very pleased with the service- prompt and efficient- very friendly- fast- will recommend.”

-Anonymous, 2/28/2019

“Wonderful experience. All questions answered completely. We love coming here and appreciate the professional service.”

-Anonymous, 2/25/2019

“Very good.”

-Michael T. Mouquesk, 2/19/2019

“The entire staff was extremely helpful, very kind and understanding. Thank you!”

-Anonymous, 2/15/2019

“The doctor was very friendly and helpful. He took the time to really explain everything to me and made me and my kitty feel comfortable on our first visit here! Thanks!”

-Anonymous, 2/7/2019

“Thank you for taking time to talk today- you gave me all the info I needed to feel better about the 2 cat situation! Thanks again”

-Anonymous, 1/30/2019

“Overall excellent – Dr. Lesile goes above and beyond. Staff always friendly, clinic is clean.”

-Anonymous, 1/23/2019

“Good Job, everyone is very nice.”

-Anonymous, 1/22/2019

“The staff is always helpful and friendly. Rarely pushy about treatments, that is why we stay here!”

-Anonymous, 1/16/2019

“You are doing great! Thank you for the excellent care! We value you and the care you give.”

-Anonymous, 1/16/2019

“Excellent experience with vet and assistant. Very patient, explained everything in detail.”

-Anonymous, 1/9/2019

“Wonderful compassionate care as always! Thank you.”

-Amber and Willow Rozek, 1/9/2019

“Loved my visit today. Dr. and vet assistants were friendly and answered all my questions!”

-Anonymous, 1/9/2019

“Very pleased with care and service. Also appreciated considerations of home situation as we planned the care of my cat. Many thanks to Dr. Paxton and Staff.”

-Anonymous, 1/8/2019

“Thank you! We appreciate you caring about Brady as much as we do! You are the best!”

-Tammy S., 11/12/2018

“I feel that you are really concerned about my cats and want to do anything you can to keep them healthy.”

-Anonymous, 10/4/2018


“Prompt, kind, respectful service. Our girls were given the best care. Thank you so much.”

-Cindy G., 7/23/18


“Our appointment was an emergency for our dog. Dr Paxton and staff were compassionate and helpful. This was very important to me as this was a bad/sad situation and outcome. I would not hesitate again to use this office.”

-Joyce C., 7/6/18


“Perfect as always.”

-Gina L., 6/5/18

“The staff is very helpful! Dr. Paxton does a great job, he is always very friendly. Thank you for the great experience!”

-Anonymous, 6/5/18

“Doing great. Very happy!!”

-Anonymous, 6/15/18

“Dr and staff here are all very caring and professional toward all clients and my family that I have seen.  Thank you for caring so much doctors and staff!”

-Jeanne M., 6/1/18

“The exam was thorough and approached in a kind and loving manner. The treatment chosen has been very effective and Angel is healing quickly.  When you go there, read the sign by the candle on the front desk and you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. We will be back…but I hope just for vaccinations!”

-Anonymous, 6/15/18

“I feel like you are part of my dogs family & that you love her like I do. Thank you for her care.”

-Anonymous, 3/25/18

“Very friendly and able to adjust schedules as needed. Thanks!”

-Anonymous, 3/23/18

“I absolutely LOVE you guys here at AHL! Dr. Paxton and his staff are the absolute best and I wouldn’t take my fur babies anywhere else. Thank you All.”

-Anonymous, 3/28/18

“It is great to get in the same day. You’re service is great. My dog is very protective of family members, so if I’m in the room she growls, and the vet is great about this understanding.”

-Anonymous, 3/16/18

“My evaluation of your services is a 10. Why: flexible to my needs, gentle/good with Tawny no matter what, everyone is competent and knowledgeable, responsive to my concerns regarding my pet, very compassionate when your beloved pet has to cross the bridge to heaven, level of professional friendly demeanor always. Very very good as services were done quickly and efficiently. Tawny appreciates it. Thank you all for who you are and the high standard of care you provide.”

-Mary Lou E., 3/9/18

I am very happy with Dr. Paxton and daughter. Both care deeply about my cat. I’m so glad I have them as vets. All the ladies are great too. Thanks!

-Anonymous, 3/8/18

“Your entire veterinary clinic including its physicians, staff, facilities, and services is a top notch animal medical provider. I am always very pleased every time I take my dog for his check up or treatment. Both Drs.Paxton are the best !!!”

-Zelal U., 2/13/18

“Great caring professional service”

-Anonymous, 2/9/18

“Dr Leslie and her staff are always so friendly and personable. They take great care with both of my cats and helped to get my flea problem under control. Hooray!!! Love the tender care they give my animals and would recommend them to anyone who asks.”

-Jill S., 2/8/18

“You are friendly.“

-Dawn D. 2/8/18

“They are very real, honest and caring. They respect and fully answer questions in an easy to understand manner.”

-Anonymous, 2/3/18

“Friendly staff”

-Judy H., 1/17/18

“I love that the staff was very nice and were passionate about giving our puppy the best care possible. I love that they have done multiple follow ups to see how our new puppy is doing. It show me and my family that they care.”

-Jason S., 1/12/18

“Very friendly staff.”

-Juanita D., 1/15/18

“Very friendly and informative”

-Jodie R., 1/12/18

“Dr Leslie Paxton and her staff seem to be very passionate about their jobs and seem to truly care about our puppies’ health.”

-Jason S., 1/11/18

“Both Dr. Steve and Dr. Leslie are top notch veteranarians. We have been going to the animal hospital since ‘I don’t remember when.’ They have been with us through two dogs and two cats, so at least 20 years. Beside Dr. Steve and Dr. Leslie being GREAT, the entire staff at the Animal Hospital is friendly and helpful. We were amazed at how compassionate the staff was when it was time to have our 12 year old lab put to sleep last winter. We appreciated their help so very much. Now, we are starting again with a wonderful black lab puppy and we look forward to ‘Cooper’ have a long and healthy life with the help of the Animal Hospital!  We HIGHLY recommend them….”

-Cindy Hill, 7/17/2017

“Excellent veterinary care. Superior staff. Easy to make an appointment. When my beloved Peaches passed away last summer, I received a card from their office offering condolences that meant a lot to me. I still have it. They are really caring bunch.  “

 – Scott Grunder, 12/18/2016


“Dr. Steve and more recently, Dr. Leslie have been taking care of our pets for about 14 years. They and the staff are wonderful. It was a tough year when we lost both of our beloved dogs and they could not have been more caring or supportive. We just acquired a new puppy from the shelter, giving us a great reason to go back and visit all of our friends at the Animal Hospital of Ludington. “

 – Jennifer Grey, 11/14/2016

“We have been going to Ludington Animal Hospital for over 15 years and the staff are like family. Our dogs love everyone – they stop and wait at the office door every time we go for a walk. They are the most caring and gifted veterinary staff! From simple to serious – they provide excellent care, instruction, and support. “

 – Anonymous, 11/04/2016


“Staff are wonderful!! Thank you!! “

 – Bridget Kalman, 8/29/2016


“We were traveling in our motorhome from Arizona and noticed there was something wrong with our dog’s left eye. The staff gave me an appointment the next day and Dr. Paxton saw my dog. Everyone was very nice and gentle with my dog. We have drops for his eye and he is doing much better now. “

 – Ellen Baker, 8/19/2016


“Friendly and no waiting”

 – Theresa Baker, 8/18/2016



“Friendly people. Competent staff. Clean facility.”

 – Robert Mitchell, 7/31/2016


“Staff is very friendly. Dr. Paxton is very caring and wants what’s best for Max.”

 – Jan White, 7/31/2016


“The exceptional care, compassion you provide, and the way you provide a lot of information on the condition and treatment. Very caring people, especially when you came over to put our dog to sleep….made a painful moment a little better”

 – Sigrid McGinty, 7/31/2016


“Dr. Steve and Dr. Leslie have given our dogs wonderful care throughout their lives. Caring for elderly pets and making end of life decisions is never easy but they and the rest of the staff continue to help us sort through medical care options and decisions, applying their expertise in a kind and compassionate way. I can’t imagine using a different vet and I cannot say enough good things about them.”

 – Jennifer Grey, 7/10/2016



“Everyone is friendly, loves animals and takes care of you when you walk in the door.”

 – Andrea Williams, 7/8/2016


“Quality friendly service with the best staff in town; why wouldn’t I recommend them?!”

 – Anonymous,  6/11/2016


“We could feel the passion the veterinarian had for animals, and everybody there was very kind and helpful!”

 – Travis Ewing, 6/2/2016

Kindness and compassion of the staff toward our kittens.”

 – Carolyn N., 5/8/2016

“The caring that is shown to my Luna and me by every single person I have contact with……there is absolutely no doubt.. they are simply the best!!!!!”

– Dawn K, 4/22/2016

“Best veterinary service I’ve experienced, each time I’ve came in, thanks.”

 – Samantha Taylor, 4/19/16

“We have received knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate care for our pets for many years now and could not recommend Drs. Steve and Leslie Paxton more highly. Now that our dogs are nearing the end of their lives it is especially important to us to have veterinarians who can help us sort through the many decisions that need to be made about their care. We trust them implicitly. In addition, we love the rest of the staff who are unfailingly courteous, efficient and friendly.”

 –  Jenny Grey,  4/10/2016

“He was very thorough and I appreciated discussing all options before choosing or being directed towards treatment for my animal.”

 – Amanda Greene Kozicki,  3/25/2016

“Personal care and friendship”

 – Alan Nichols, 3/22/2016

“Always feel welcome and always get ay questions answered and never feel rushed to be done. The care for my pets for the many years that I have been coming there has never changed. Always a good atmosphere. Thanks so very much.”

Madeline Hamelen, 3/19/2016

“The staff was very welcoming and Dr. Paxton was very nice and to the point. Would certainly recommend”

 – Ryan, 3/3/2016

“Professional Staff”

 – Robert Mitchell,  3/3/2016

“Friendly and kind to my cat Lisa”

 – Kevin Burns, 3/3/2016

“Fast, friendly, and very good with our dog. Compared to other places very affordable too.”

– Shane Parks,  2/21/2016

 “Care and compassion for our doggie, Lilly! Plus they are Michigan State fans!”

 – Russ and Kathy Saxton, 2/10/2016

 “The doctor explained everything with detail and he gave us so many options on our concerns and questions. I felt welcomed and we’ll informed about my dogs health. I was attended quickly and the pricing on the shots are very reasonable!”

 –  Ayram Rodriquez, 2/9/2016

“Pets come first, friendly and helpful staff”

– Mirenda Vincent, 2/5/2016

” The attention addressing my concerns and familiarity doc has with my little Lola. Plus, the rest of the team at Ludington Animal Hospital is so kind, sincere, patient and all very beautiful people too! Gonna miss the quality of care and level of compassion exuded by this top notch pet vet!”

 – Cynthia Tiel,  2/2/2016.

“I totally trust Dr. Paxton. He has my dog’s best interest at heart. I also think Sheena is GREAT!!!”

 – Diana Kuras

“We have already recommended Dr. Paxton to several of our friends and family.”

– Jeff White

“Everyone there is very friendly and clearly knows what they are talking about when it comes to animal care.”

– Hannah Plummer

“I believe my animals are well cared for and cared about.”

 – Cathy Horowski

“They treat my dogs as if they were part of their own family.”

– Bethany

“Everyone was very nice and Dr. Steve involved Abby in the exam by letting her listen to her dog’s heart.”

– Shelby Hughes

“You always seem to sincerely care about our pets! And we know they are in good hands when we leave them with you.”

 – Shari Vandervest

“Courteous. Friendly. Helpful. And for us, right in when we needed.”

– Fairlyn Keson

“Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you”

– Sheila Carpenter

“The doc and the assistants are all very good.”

– Linda Hixson

“I appreciate the friendliness of staff and the great care our dog receives. They take time and answer all questions”

– Anonymous

“I am happy to have met Dr. Paxton, not long after he opened the hospital. I cannot say enough about how compassionate and caring Dr. Paxton, Dr. Leslie, Sheena, and all the staff are. I have had the best care for my dog’s all their life, and would never go anywhere else. They are there for you in the beginning when you have a young pup, and will be there throughout, until the end. I know, I have experienced this with 2 losses recently. Without the Animal Hospital of Ludington, and Dr. Paxton and staff, it would have been much more difficult to get through. Thanks Dr. Paxton, and staff, we love you all!”

– Mary and Dan Haynor

“You all seem to care about our animals as an important part of the family. When William had serious health challenges while we were in Florida this year, you were always available on the phone to give advice on how to manage the decisions we needed to make. We have absolute trust in both. Dr. Steve and Dr. Leslie as well as the staff. Thank you for all you do!!”

– Jenny Grey

“I like that even if I may be overly concerned about my pets that they check them over and answer any and all questions that I may have AND they don’t make me feel like it wasn’t an important concern.”

– Judy Forman

“Attentive; compassionate; caring- you take great care of my girl Tawny.”

– Mary Lou Earnshaw

“Your staff is awesome. From your professionalism to your personal touches. GREAT GREAT GREAT.”

– Shari Vandervest

“We are very happy with the care our pets receive and we would not take them anywhere else. We also appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the staff.”

– Jenny and Jim Grey

“Dr. Steve Paxton started taking care of our dogs in 1993 and now Dr. Leslie Paxton does as well. I would recommend them to anyone in need of health care for their furkids too. The doctors and the their staff members are excellent at what they do, and all are very caring and patient when answering our concerns.”

– Carol Christiansen

“Very friendly, professional staff. They all obviously care very much about the animals they are treating and their compassion is evident in the manner in how they care for them and communicate with their owners.”

– Anonymous

“I moved back to town recently and needed to take my 12 year old golden in. Dr. Paxton is great. I am glad to have the opportunity to have him as a vet. Staff as well are personable and caring.”

– Randi Veneman

“Very good care for 2 generations of our yellow labs over the last 18 years. The staff has always been friendly and caring of our pets.”

– Anonymous

“Best vet ever!! I wish we had found you sooner!”

 Becky Rathburn

“I started going to Animal Hospital of Ludington because of a Special they were doing Last Tango for Tom. The lower cost was VERY appreciated for those of us trying to help local Feral cats. We have continued to have other family animals get Procedures since. EVERYONE is courteous, compassionate, educated and kind, from the Drs to the Staff. We will continue to use and also recommend them definitely.”

– Kristine Casteel

“The staff and doctors are very caring and outstanding at what they do…….which is provide the best veterinary care available to our community!!! Absolutely the best veterinary office in the area!!”

– Anonymous

“The entire staff sincerely cares about our pets well-being.  It’s more like family.”

– Shari Vandervest

“Very pleasant staff to work with. Explained standard procedures and answered questions for a first time dog owner.”

– Anonymous

“Leslie was very attentive and knowledgeable.”

– Anonymous

“I feel confident my pet receives quality care at animal hospital.”

– Cynthia Tiel

“Customer service quality! Answered all my questions and didn’t make me feel like they were in a hurry to get to the next person! Excellent pet care!”

– Tammy Bacon

“Very pleased with the care and service while there. Why not 10? Just because there is always room for improvement. Just to keep you striving as a vet service for all those who enter your door. Nothing is perfect in the world. But we always must keep striving for that 10.”

– Anonymous

“There is genuine concern and caring when I come in with Max. The staff is always kind and helpful. Both doctors make me feel like Max is their only patient.”

– Jan White