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  • Creating a Cozy Lizard Habitat

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    You’ve almost got dog and cat ownership down to a science. You know what your furry pets eat, where they like to sleep, and what kind of toys they prefer. However, you’re soon adding a small lizard to your family, and you’ll rely on your Ludington veterinarian for his pet care guidance. Besides giving your new pet a complete physical exam, your vet will give you valuable pointers on your lizard’s menu choices and ideal … Read More »

  • Ferret Nutrition and Feeding Tips

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    You’ve decided to add a pocket pet to your family, and you think a ferret will fill the bill nicely. They’re cute, have plenty of personality, and they don’t need to go for walks at 2 a.m. when it’s raining. You’ve learned about ferrets’ habitat and social habits, but finding concrete information on ferrets’ nutritional requirements has been tougher. Your Ludington veterinarian can cut through the information overload and provide you with good, useful advice. … Read More »

  • Pet Turtle Nutritional Guidelines

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    Your six-year-old son has decided that a small turtle will make the perfect pet. You’re surprised that he doesn’t want a dog or hamster, but you figure a turtle has less chance of escaping his enclosure when he gets bored. You’ve got the turtle’s habitat figured out, but you’re stumped on what to feed this little reptile. Good thing your Ludington veterinarian can provide you with some good nutritional advice. General guidelines First, ask your … Read More »

  • Reasons Your Snake Might Not be Eating

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    It’s easy for snake owners to preemptively assume their snake is not eating right as soon as they notice an untouched meal left in the enclosure. Sometimes, it’s more about the snake being fussy than any underlying health issue. Before you assume your snake is sick, remind yourself of these possible reasons from your Ludington vet that your snake might not be eating. Shedding If your snake has entered his shedding cycle, he’ll probably be … Read More »

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