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  • Is Your Guinea Pig Getting Enough Calcium?

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    Like just about every animal, calcium is an essential mineral for guinea pigs. Calcium deficiency is a relatively common disorder in guineas, especially in pregnant or nursing females. In fact, calcium deficiency is most commonly reported in the weeks before or shortly after a female pig gives birth. Here, a Ludington veterinarian tells you more about this deficiency and how to counteract it. Causes If your guinea pig is stressed, or has already been pregnant, … Read More »

  • What Not to Feed Your Rabbit

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    Your rabbit’s diet should consist primarily of hay. Of course, most rabbits will enjoy vegetables and fruits as well, and some are perfectly safe. Others, though, are not safe and should never be given to rabbits. Here, your Ludington vet tells you about some of the more common foods to avoid when feeding your rabbit. Lettuce Lettuce of any type should never be given to a rabbit, even though they very well might consume it … Read More »